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June 6, 2008


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Welcome to the 13th Edition of Friday Favorites-Digital!
Digital Friday Faves Stamp by JunkbyJenDigital Thumbshare Stamp by JunkbyJen

:bulletpurple:Click here and share your DIGITAL art thumbs! Visit this forum thread now and please help by passing on this link in your own journals! Your image or your friends' could be the next to be seen in upcoming editions! Get the exposure you deserve!
Digital Thumbshare Stamp by JunkbyJen
Below you will see some treasures I've found around :devart: as well as those who have contributed to the thumbshare. Take a moment to browse all these hidden gems.

:thumbsup:Digital Faves from Thumbshare:</u>:thumbsup:
These images were shared by the artists themselves or from friends and fans of other artists. They consist of Digital Mixed Media, Painting/Airbrushing, Drawings.

Ohne Dich. by hybridgothica God Near X 51 by sweetcorn bath house by sweetcorn :thumb85743695: Suspended by aceoni One with Nature by aceoni Substatica. by hybridgothica lynadelia 7 by racingspoons see meant not concrete 6 by racingspoons Drawing of Drew by ClaireCollyer Warm Sunset by gadgetguy606 :thumb86355726: :thumb86345999: :thumb85852134: The Dream In A Puddle. by pixelcriminal Wallpaper dedicated to Noupe by pixelcriminal Pegasus Detective Agency by Leyna-art Steampunk Atlantis by Leyna-art Seasons in Atlantis by foreverdelayed Mamasan by DarthFar Andreas by Edana Warning Sign by Edana Jordan, HowItFeelsToKnowYou by jhasson Vivid Lucidity by damaskangel Mystery Of The Far East by damaskangel Ascendancy. by hybridgothica Phoenix Rises. by hybridgothica Xeia. by hybridgothica Archetype. by hybridgothica Alpha Male by taylord012000 Hero by JelsKi God of War 2 Marketing 02 by andyparkart Evil by Heteferes Thankyou. by kezbirdie When Love Dies by cemac 9 - Horizons by Pyritie Butterflies by bloodspit rollerskating in the park by wezenbeesje Dreamboat by wezenbeesje :thumb87079972: :thumb87071519: Goldfish Princess by YummyKitty my friend rocker Marijonas by zalas Walking Past in Colour by joliealicia We're All Mad Here by joliealicia Hole in a paper heart by Hollywoodisburning Vredesbryd. by hybridgothica Sail Into Our World by MadElfTk Angelina Jolie by emberleo Puddle Fairy by ShellyBrown Golden Marble by sinner84 Dark Nite by gridfrnd Smoky City by phide85

Digital Thumbshare Stamp by JunkbyJen

:star:Digital Painting/Airbrushing from MY faves:</u>:star:
The following are faves I've added recently from my watch or from just browsing around other journals and such. :heart:

Hannibal by VinRoc Rathma by yumedust Gentle spring breeze by Dianae A Centaur's Prize by VinRoc B'day Present by Aede-chan A Helping Hand by Sheridan-J Voodoo princess by ftourini Diar by himlayan YIN YANG SHI by feimo Student by mirchiz Selene by elestrial Wish by Rachzee Feeling Blue by cosmosue Jack Comes Home by emmil Tame Your Rage by Sheridan-J Sparkle by feimo Androval by yumedust Rain by OmeN2501 :thumb83874255: Force Worshipping by Daenzar AIRe by eliergear :thumb87151984: Vex Harrow by yumedust

:star:Digital Mixed Media from MY faves:</u>:star:
The following are faves I've added recently from my watch or from just browsing around other journals and such. :heart:

Fae Without Wings by Queen-Uriel Mabon by UnholyVault Imbolc by UnholyVault Unlock My Cold Heart by CherishedMemories :thumb85791473: Vigilance by ImaginedMoments Daisy by Rachzee A Lure by MichaelO :thumb85987289: Reminiscence by ImaginedMoments The Storyteller by KirstenLane Take My Heart by Lilyas A Rainy Day Symphony by DWilsonArtCreations Pomona by UnholyVault The Forest Keeper by IdaLarsenArt Delpfine by DWilsonArtCreations C A P T U R E D by DWilsonArtCreations For Mom by dinajen Soul Keeper by cosmosue Triple Goddess by UnholyVault ................... by anaRasha Into the dark by lryiu Butterfly Bouquet by Queen-Uriel The Epiphany by DWilsonArtCreations

:star:Digital Drawings from MY faves:</u>:star:
The following are faves I've added recently from my watch or from just browsing around other journals and such. :heart:

Oil shop by Andead Armoured Demon by Andead Red Wings by Andead Girl2070_C by SantaFung

:star:3D from MY faves:</u>:star:
The following are faves I've added recently from my watch or from just browsing around other journals and such. :heart:
The Rise of Maya by Bloodredsangre The Bride by Bloodredsangre :thumb86076089: :thumb86623319: The Heroine by Bloodredsangre Pinky Punky by brandydeshea Pumpkin Queen by Chris10 Last One by Chris10 Catgirl by Chris10 Alkimia by patslash Earthly Aphrodite by HarleyBliss Arcane Magic - Collab by patslash

:star:Fractals from MY faves:</u>:star:
Pink Chaos by HarleyBliss Summer Night by Lilyas Summer Day by Lilyas Crystal Fascination by AnnaKirsten Theia by Drezdany

:star:Photomanipulations from MY faves:</u>:star:
:thumb85436351: Captain Persephone II by Foxfires Time by elestrial :thumb85414041: Moon Goddess by oibyrd :thumb86257028: Danielle's Dragon by galefra The Bad Seed by DWilsonArtCreations Jade by Lilyas Voyage to the Dream World by saperlipop Crimson Butterflies by Eireen I take your heart for Eternity by Eireen Long-lost spring by Moniquette Determination by kuschelirmel

:star:WallPaper from MY faves:</u>:star:
THE LAST SUNLIGHT by ZuluSplitter Hope You Like It.. by Matt-Mills Aurora Dreams - no text by akiwi Retro Xplod, 1920 Preview by JesseLax VIKCtOREY by lyastri Day and Night by lyastri BEEmusement by lyastri Light Girl by nightmareccs :thumb84669430: Take My Heart - WP by Lilyas Prux2 Wallpaper Collab by Norke

Thank you so much for taking the time to see these beauties! Tune in on Fridays to see the next batch of digital yummies!

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:bulletpurple:Jen's Best of the Best Collection

Digital Friday Faves Stamp by JunkbyJen Digital Thumbshare Stamp by JunkbyJen

Digital Art Gallery Director
Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld
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DeniseGarbis Jun 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Wonderful features Jen & I thank you so much for adding mine in there as well!!! :blowkiss:
My absolute pleasure, Denise honey. :heart:
originalkitten Jun 8, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
superb selection :clap:
originalkitten Jun 8, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yvw hun xoxoxo btw added ur happy endings stamp to my collection
Awwww thanks Lou! Glad you like it!
thank you ever so much for the feature!!! As always awesome selection i am honored to be among such beautiful artworks! :glomp:
You're welcome!
Thanks bunches for including 'Voyage to the Dream World' among these beautiful features! :hug:
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